Hair Bar NYC Professional | Silk Touch Keratin Hair Treatment - 100% Formaldehyde Free
Silk Touch Keratin hair treatment is formaldehyde free & works great. You will get healthier, shinier, smoother, better looking hair.
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Silk Touch Natural Keratin Treatment

Can be used on All Hair Types, frizzy or natural hair, colored hair, relaxed or highlighted hair.

Silk Touch Natural Keratin Treatment is a complex of botanical and organic plant extracts mixed in a perfect balance. This formulation provides significant frizz control, shine and smoothness, as well as a reduces curl and volume, in order to achieve excellent results while nourishing and strengthening the hair fibers. This treatment guarantees shine, softness and visibly healthy hair. Recommended for all hair types. Specific treatment to smooth and reduce the volume of curly and frizzy hair.

Silk Touch Keratin & Basic Shampoo


Amino acids, hydrolyzed wheat protein & surfactants derived from olive oil.

Basic Shampoo

Shampoo that clarifies and recalibrates basic pH levels of the hair, which helps open the shaft of the hair to facilitate the absorption of the Silk Touch Keratin Treatment. Enriched with active ingredients that nourish and repair, such as ceramides, keratin, collagen and Pistachio oil, it helps to restore vitality to the hair structure.

The Formula:

Silk Touch Natural Keratin Treatment uses a blend of organic amino acids, sugars, cellulose derivatives and plant proteins to modify the hair fiber and leave it smooth and stable for long periods of time, including an impressive reduction in volume, without damaging the keratin disulfide, salt or hydrogen bonds. It also reduces water absorption, protecting hair from humidity. The product contains no allergens, formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals. All of the ingredients are found in everyday cosmetic products, and many of the ingredients are used in dietary supplements. Volume reduction is exceptional and hair is left bright, easy to comb and ever so soft to the touch. This treatment also allows for very easy styling by cutting down blow-drying time and assisting in maintaining heat styling.

Silk Touch Natural vs Traditional Keratin

Silk Touch Keratin

Other Traditional Keratins

Silk TouchOther Traditional Keratins
INGREDIENTSContains 0% formaldehyde and 0% aldehyde; amino acids help achieve the same results as formaldehyde.Contains anywhere between 1% to 15% formaldehyde and aldehyde.
HAIR HEALTH BENEFITSMakes hair shinier and smoother, improving overall look; texture and overall health of hair improves, making hair feel silkier and softer, balancing oiliness and dryness.Makes hair shinier and smoother, improving overall look; texture of hair often stays the same, feels dryer from chemicals, or feels greasy from other ingredients.
OFFICIAL HEALTH CLASSIFICATONClassified as non-hazardous and non-dangerous by the European Commission “Cosmetics Directive” 76/768/EEC and Cosmetic Ingredients Review, as well as by OSHA.No official non-hazardous or non-dangerous classification.
POTENTIAL HEALTH HAZARDSNot expected to be irritating to the respiratory system; limited inhalation exposure not harmful.Irritating to the respiratory system; inhalation causes short-term and long-term respiratory issues; nasal congestion and inflamed sinuses often occurs; eye irritation is common.
CLIENT RESTRICTIONSNon-hazardous, thus at the discretion of pregnant and breastfeeding women; recommended for very young clients.Cannot be performed on pregnant or breastfeeding women; not recommended for very young clients.
VISUAL RESULTSHair is shiny, smooth, frizz-free; naturally dried hair is straighter and flatter, but maintains more natural look.Hair is smooth and frizz-free; naturally dried hair is pin straight and maximally flat.
RINSE STEPProduct is removed by rinsing 10 seconds for virgin hair; 15 seconds for processed hair.None – all the product remains in the hair.
FLAT IRON STEPFlat iron heat is decreased (typically 380-400 degrees; 420 degrees maximum; 450 degrees can be used for virgin hair).Flat iron heat is at maximum (450 degrees).
WASHING PERIODCan be washed right away.Typically 24 – 72 hours;

Frequently asked questions

If the Hair Bar NYC Silk Touch Natural Keratin Treatment does not contain any formaldehyde, how does this treatment provide the same results as treatments that do contain formaldehyde?

Traditional keratin treatments include formaldehyde in their formulas to straighten the hair while diluting the pure keratin, mostly to decrease cost. The Hair Bar NYC Silk Touch Keratin Treatment does not contain any formaldehyde, but does contain plenty of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the keratin protein. The Silk Touch Keratin Treatment also contains other conditioning agents and humectants, which deposit plenty of moisture into the hair shaft and consequently weighs down the hair to hand straighter. Essentially, the Silk Touch produces the same visual effects as other keratin treatments (i.e. shine, smoothness, straightness and lack of frizz) but through a different, more healthy strategy.


About Drying

  • When clarifying the hair, DO NOT use hot water, as it will likely irritate the scalp and make it sensitive, but also DO NOT use cold water, as it will seal up the hair shaft and prevent the keratin from penetrating. Luke warm water is ideal for this step.
  • When shampooing the hair with Hair Bar NYC Basic Shampoo, leave shampoo in the hair for a couple of minutes.
  • If the hair has minimal suds when being shampooed, an additional amount of shampoo will be needed – shampoos create a thick lather on clean hair, however the opposite happens on very oily hair.

Before & After Silk Touch Keratin Treatment

Application Steps

Step 4

Starting at the nape of the neck, take out a thin section of hair and apply the Hair Bar NYC Silk Touch Keratin Treatment. Comb the product through the section of hair, making sure the whole section is saturated with product.


Silk Touch System

Emphasize the importance of using a sulfate-free and sodium-chloride free shampoo and conditioner for every wash. Explain that using the Hair Bar NYC Silk Touch Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the accompanying Masque, will provide the greatest longevity for the keratin treatment, since these products were designed specifically to maintain this particular treatment.

Silk Touch Natural Keratin Treatment

Download The Full Manual

Our manuel features Steps, F.A.Q’s, Tips & a comparision chart to Traditional Keratin Treatments so that you can make the best purchasing decision.

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