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  • Diamond Botox Hair Repair Therapy


    Lasts up to 5 Weeks!

    Diamond Botox Hair Repair Therapy

    Diamond Botox Hair Repair Therapy is a “BOTOX effect” treatment with a maximum plumping, volumizing and reinforcing action, giving extreme brightness and silkiness to the hair. It is applied to hair after a simple, professional and prestigious activation method. This therapy can repair even the most damaged hair, restoring its natural beauty thanks to the precious synergy between substances of natural origin derived from the “meadows foam” (Limnantes Alba), the Ceramide 3 and the complex of vitamins E and B3 and provitamin B5.

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  • Sale Diamond Botox Ampule

    Diamond Botox (Free Ampule)

    Diamond Botox Special – First Time Customer (A $19.99 Salon Value) SEE DETAILS BELOW ⇓

    Must Sign-Up with a Stylist License # and upgrade to Salon & Stylist account. Call Us @ 516-295-7900 for more information.

    • Restore Elasticity
    • Smoother Texture
    • Natural Shine
    • Increased Volume
    • Weightless Softless
    • Lasts up to 5 weeks
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