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Hair Bar NYC Professionals offers the best healthy hair products at the best price for retail customers as well as salon owners & stylists. Check our reviews & call., hairbarpro, hair bar pro, hair care products, salon products
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  • Super Ionic Hair Dryer 3700

    Super 3700 Ionic Hair Dryer

    Product Description
    Super 3700 Ionic This hair dryer has the power of ionic energy helping reduce frizz, dulling and static electricity and promotes shiny, conditioned, manageable, healthy hair. The new thermal technology preserves the natural moisture in the hair. The charges of negative ions attack drops of water and transforms them into micro-molecules. The hair easily absorbs this moisture, which makes it soft and shiny.The design and development of this new Ionic Hair Dryer is the result of a joint effort of a group of leading hair stylists and the engineering team at Be-in-Beauty Professional USA.

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  • Diamond Botox

    Diamond Botox Opener

    Diamond Botox Opener – First Time Buyer $149.99 (A $179.99 Salon Value)

    What’s in this opener:

    1x – Diamond Botox Box (12-Ampule – each 0.66 fl oz / 20ml)
    2x – Extraction Syringes
    1x – Mixing Bowl
    1x – Application Brush
    1x – Instruction Manual

    ** Please NOTE, this is a First Time Buyer package and is not eligible for re-ordering. **

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Discover Hair Bar NYC – Professionals, the one distributor to provide hair salons with everything needed to satisfy the needs of any and every client. We are a nationwide distributor, with a wide range of products including the formaldehyde free Silk Touch Keratin Treatment, the Diamond Botox Hair Repair Therapy, the Ultimate Repair System Revival line, shampoos and conditioners for various hair types, healing masques, hair styling products, the G&C Hair Color line, as well as an array of unique hair styling tools.

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